Belgian Chocolate Mousse - White Christmas

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Belgian Chocolate Mousse - White Christmas

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Multiple Gold Medal winner at royal shows in Sydney, Queensland, Hobart and Melbourne.

Using the Belgian Chocolate Mousse White Chocolate base, we have added semi dried cranberries, Australian currants, cinnamon, nutmeg and orange oil. All the traditional flavours of Christmas pudding in a white chocolate dessert.

Can be made using whipped cream, ricotta cheese or Greek style yoghurt and then served chilled as a mousse or frozen  and then served as a semi fredo pudding surrounded by summer berries for a unique Australian Christmas pudding.  See the Christmas Pudding  video on this website for full details on how to make this spectacular summer Christmas Pudding. An outstanding option for a hot Christmas day. 1x 150g pack will make approximately 700ml enough for 6 adults when served with a little fruit and a biscuit garnish.

  •  1 x 150g package will make approximately 700ml of mousse. Enough for 6 adults when serving with some fruit and a biscuit to garnish.