Why Sell With Us

The Global Food Company provides a unique, easy to use and fun platform for you to sell and share your products.

Receive greater sales results and increase your company's profile when your products are shared through our marketing campaigns. The Global Food Company offers unique ways to showcase and promote your products. This includes being shared through our dedicated food lovers website, social media, online food lovers forums, newsletters and access to our ever expanding global food retailers and restaurant network.

Basically you have got the art and we have the tech and marketing ability and connections.

We pride ourselves on creating a business model that benefits all parties. We want you to do as well as you want, letting your products shine while you still have complete control over your business and how you want it to run.

Having an account with The Global Food Company will give you access to sales feedback, the option of account support from The Global Food team and specialised marketing campaigns.

The sky really is the limit and we want to take the journey with you.